How do I choose the right clinic for my child?

Have a look at the clinics page and read the description to see what swimming ability is required for each level. If you are still unsure just give Kimberley a call on 07771 907 553 to discuss so that she can advise.

Can I just book a few days rather than the full clinic?

Our clinics normally run for 5 days (sometimes 4 days due to bank holidays). It is not possible to part book. We only take bookings for the full course.

Can I watch my child?

Yes. Please do. The Parent/Guardian should sit on the poolside for the duration of the session. However, in some circumstances the swimming teacher may need to ask the Parent/Guardian to leave the pool area if he/she feels that their presence is prohibiting the progress of the session.


What size are the groups?

There is a maximum of 4 swimmers to 1 teacher per group.

What if I have booked and need to cancel?

We aren't able to promise a refund. However, if we are able to fill your place(s) we will provide a refund of up to 50%.

What should my child bring?

Swim suit, well fitting goggles, swim cap (preferable but not obligatory, however long hair must be tied back if not wearing a cap) and towel. We will provide any swimming aids needed for the sessions.


What training do your swim teachers have?

Our swim teachers are carefully selected based on their teaching quality, knowledge, experience and ability to build a rapport with their swimmers..

All our swim teachers have Level 2 ASA Teaching Aquatics Certification, ASA insurance and at least one RLSS trained lifeguard is on duty throughout all sessions.

My child is outside of the guideline age for the clinic that I think is the most appropriate for them. Is this ok?

Guideline ages are by no means set ages. However, we strictly do not take children under the age of 3.

Will my child's clinic time change?

As we endeavour to create the most cohesive groups possible it may be necessary to make some changes for the benefit of your child's learning and so your child's clinic time may change within our 2 hour pool slot.